Hoverboard Buying Guides For Beginners

The Ultimate Hoverboard Buying Guide for HoverboardStore.co.uk

Welcome to the ultimate guide to selecting the perfect hoverboard for you or your loved ones! At Hoverboard Store, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of high-quality hoverboards, scooters, and accessories. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our selection has something for everyone. Let's dive into our exciting range:

1. G1 Hoverboard

  • Battery Life & Charging: Equipped with a 2.0Ah battery at 36V, the G1 offers up to 30 minutes of ride time on a single charge, with a full recharge taking just 2-3 hours.
  • Motor & Performance: Powered by a 150W motor, it provides a smooth and stable ride, perfect for beginners and casual riders.
  • Features: The G1 stands out with its LED arch lights, adding a touch of style and visibility to your ride. Available in 5 vibrant colours, it allows for personalisation and flair.
  • Best For: Those new to hoverboarding or anyone looking for a reliable, stylish option for short rides around the neighbourhood.

2. G63 Infinity Wheels App Enabled Hoverboard - Chromatic Magenta

  • Battery Life & Charging: This high-spec model comes with a 2.0Ah battery, lasting up to 40 minutes and bringing extended joy to every ride.
  • Connectivity & Tech: The G63 is app-enabled, allowing riders to connect via Bluetooth for a more interactive experience. It also features dynamic LED lights on the foot deck and stunning infinity wheels for the ultimate in hoverboard technology.
  • Certifications: With UL2272, CE, and UKCA certifications, the G63 meets the highest standards of safety and performance.
  • Best For: Tech-savvy riders looking for premium features, extended ride times, and the safety assurance of top certifications.

Bundles: G1 Hoverboard + Hoverkart

  • Package Deal: Our best-selling bundle combines the versatile G1 hoverboard with a hoverkart, transforming your hoverboard into a fun, go-kart-style ride.
  • Best For: Riders of all ages looking for versatile fun, whether standing on a hoverboard or sitting in a hoverkart. It's an excellent value for those who want to experience two types of rideables with a single purchase.

For the Young Riders: Electric Kids Scooters

  • X1 Electric Kids Scooter: A beginner-friendly scooter with safety features tailored for younger riders. It’s lightweight, easy to control, and perfect for kids taking their first step into rideables.

  • X2 Kids Electric Scooter: Building on the X1 with more power and a longer battery life, the X2 is designed for kids ready for a little more adventure. It’s durable, fast enough to be thrilling, but still places a premium on safety.


Choosing the right hoverboard or electric scooter is all about matching the product to the rider's age, experience level, and desired features. From the sleek G1 Hoverboard for casual cruising to the tech-loaded G63 Infinity Wheels Hoverboard for the ultimate experience, HoverboardStore.co.uk offers options that promise quality, safety, and endless fun. Add in our hoverboard bundles and electric scooters for kids, and you have a range that covers everyone from the youngest riders to tech-savvy teens and adults.

Ready to find your perfect ride? Visit us at HoverboardStore.co.uk today and glide into the future with style and confidence.