12-Month Warranty Coverage

Our products are backed by a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase, covering both defects in materials and workmanship under normal use conditions. Here's what's covered under this warranty:

Within the First 30 Days: Refund or Replacement

  • Faults and Defects: If your product develops a fault due to a manufacturing defect within the first 30 days of purchase, you are entitled to a full refund or replacement.
  • Returns Label: We provide a free pre-paid shipping label for returns within the first 30 days, making the process hassle-free.

After the First 30 Days: Repair Service

  • Manufacturing Defects: If a manufacturing defect arises after the first 30 days and within the 12-month warranty period, we will repair your product.
  • Shipping Costs: After the first 30 days, the buyer is responsible for shipping the product to us for repair. We will cover the return shipping costs back to you after the repair.

6-Month Battery Warranty

Batteries in hoverboards and electric scooters are covered by a dedicated 6-month warranty, addressing any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use conditions.

What Is Covered?

  • Manufacturing Defects: Issues that arise due to faulty materials or workmanship.
  • Battery Failure: Batteries that fail to charge or hold a charge due to defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Electrical Malfunctions: Problems with the electrical system of the product that are due to manufacturing defects.

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty does not cover:

  • Water Damage: Any damage resulting from exposure to water or other liquids.
  • Debris Damage: Damage caused by foreign objects or debris affecting the product’s operation.
  • Accidental Damage: Any damage resulting from accidental drops, impacts, or misuse.
  • Unauthorised Modifications: Damage caused by modifications, repairs, or alterations not performed by authorised service personnel.
  • Wear and Tear: Standard wear and tear from normal use of the product.
  • Improper Use: Damage resulting from improper use, storage, or handling contrary to the product’s intended purpose.

Packaging Recommendation

For the best protection and to facilitate any necessary returns or repairs, we recommend keeping the original packaging for the duration of the warranty period.

Contact Us

If you need to make a warranty claim or have any questions regarding what is covered under our warranty, please don't hesitate to contact us through our customer service portal. Our dedicated team is here to assist you and ensure your satisfaction with your purchase from HoverboardStore.co.uk.